About The Pet Cabin

RAWJersey was started by Hunter, a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla dog whose owners wanted to feed him the highest quality and natural food available on the market.


The company began in July 2014 with Richard and Rachel Long importing Nutriment from the UK on a monthly basis selling it online with collections from their garage.


Just over a year and a half later Richard and Rachel found the demand to be slightly overwhelming. After lots of meetings and discussion with Barry and Chris (owners of The Pet Cabin) The Pet Cabin agreed to acquire the business with effect from March 2016. And so, RAWJersey at The Pet Cabin was created.


A ‘dedicated to raw feeding room’ (first in the Island) was created at The Pet Cabin, Queens Road. Here you’ll find a huge walk-in freezer (for storage) as well as 10 chest freezers. The Pet Cabin at Le Quesne’s Garden Centre has also expanded its raw holding with a further 10 freezers! Demand continues to grow and we now supply products such as The Dog’s Butcher, Manifold Valley Meats and Nutriment.


The Pet Cabin is a small, friendly and dedicated team of staff who strive to provide a wide variety of products to enable you to feed the healthiest meals to your four legged friends.


Following the aquistion of RAWJersey Richard Long joined The Pet Cabin team for a year to help ensure a good continuation of service.  We strive to continue to grow this fantastic natural product range.

You can contact us by phone on 01534 728041/611000, email (rawjersey@thepetcabin.co.uk) and via Facebook


So here is RAWJersey at The Pet Cabin’s views:


Firstly there is room out there for all of us, the pet industry is huge and it is not healthy for a couple of major players to control it all.


Kibble, dried food, wet food and any other processed food containing grains, supplements and prescription remedies have their place......However Raw is how dogs are naturally designed to eat. The processed equivalent only puts adverse stress on their digestion system. They also tend to contain ingredients like rice and wheat that never get fully digested.


Salmonella: Yes there is a risk. If, however you purchase your raw food from a DEFRA approved supplier all the meats that you feed will have been tested against such bacteria.


All of Natures Menu, Nutriment, MVM and the Dog’s Butchers products are tested; even the surfaces within the suppliers’ factories are tested.


All of our food is safe when it is sold to you. It is transported from the factory to our stores frozen.


Raw food does require to be treated with a good standard of food hygiene. Keep frozen - defrost in the fridge for 24hours - feed in a clean bowl - wash directly after meal times and preferably in water over 85 degrees. Wash your hands and surfaces with disinfectant or an anti-bacterial solution.


If you treat your pets food as you would treat your own you won't go far wrong. RAWJersey at The Pet Cabin may not say that we are the best, we may not shout the loudest but we are an honest company, providing honest products for customers that we value.



Queen's Road

Mon to Saturday 9-6pm


Le Quesne's

Mon to Saturday 8-5pm


Please call

01534 728041

or e-mail (see below)






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