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 Nutritional  Information 

Animal Protein
Insect meal (Hermetia illucens) 56%

Freshly prepared insect 14%
Yora Adult 23%

No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Vitamin E and C (Antioxidants) naturally preserve our products. They benefit immunity(C) and Skin and coat(E).

Insect meal = “Insect meal” is made using the larvae of the black soldier fly (pre-pupae so maximum nutrients) through an extraction process that uses no heat or artificial solvents to make a flour like matter. It’s an excellent protein source with well-balanced amino acids, lipids and micronutrients.

Freshly prepared insect (whole insect) = The whole insect (black soldier fly larvae), raw and uncooked with no moisture removed. It’s easily digestible, antimicrobial and highly palatable. It’s the whole insect so no nutrients are lost.

Insect oil = Similar to salmon oil that you get in other pet foods, but derived from the black soldier fly larvae, it happens through a process called rendering. Contains a high level of easily digestible medium chain fatty acids which are a good source of energy.


Oats = Grown in the fields next door to the factory in the Lancashire, oats have been used instead of sweet potato because they usually come from china. YORA’s oats provide a slow release source of carbohydrates.

Potato = UK sourced. Easily digestible. Low global warming potential.

Maize = Easily digestible carbohydrate. Omega 6. Provides the amino acids that are not present in grubs.

Peas = Improve amino acid profile and balance for healthy growth and development.

Brewers yeast = Palatable ingredient. Vitamin B. Probiotic. Helps with the immune system.

Seaweed = Benefits the thyroid. Source of iodine. Packed with vitamins, minerals, folate, calcium and phosphorus.

Linseed = Omega 3 and 6

Tomato Pomace = Source of fibre and protein, great amount of vitamin A for eyesight and nervous system health.

Dried beetroot = Vitamin C, potassium, iron. Good for nervous system.

Chicory pulp = Helps with digestion and stool formation.

Dried pumpkin = Beta carotene. Good for eye, skin and coat health. High in fibre. Good for digestive regularity. Boost immunity. Palatable.

Dried carrots = Beta carotene. Eye health. Protein. Palatable.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin = Joint care.

Dried Kale = High in Iron.

Parsley = Anti-inflammatory. Good for kidney health. Natural aid to digestion.



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