Give your dog a desirable treat with unique ingredients all the way from South Africa. These grain-free jerky treats are made in Nandi’s very own kitchen with all-natural ingredients like free-roaming antelope, including Impala, plus antioxidants from rosemary and rooibos extracts. These high-protein rewards are also low in fat and contain zero corn, wheat or soy, which means they are great for pups with certain food sensitivities. They pack all the natural taste your dog craves and with no chemical preservatives or unnatural fillers, so you can feel 100% confident that your pal is getting a nutrient-rich reward you can trust.

Key Benefits

  • Serves as a great option for pets who are prone to certain food allergies.
  • Crafted with 100% natural ingredients like venison from free-roaming antelope from South Africa, including Impala.
  • Serves as a savory high-protein and low-fat snack that your dog will love.
  • Rosemary and rooibos extract provide your pup with antioxidants.
  • Made without grain, gluten, chemical preservatives or unnatural fillers for a treat you can trust.

Nandi Bushveld Venison Jerky Strips for Dogs




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