Frozzys has been developed to be a good healthy anytime of day treat! It has been designed with dogs in mind but it is also completely safe and tasty for humans to eat too!

•Lactose free – many dogs can be quite intolerant to lactose so Frozzys removes all the lactose making Frozzys a safe and tasty treat for even the most sensitive of dogs!
•Low in fat – so even the dieting dogs or more senior pooches can enjoy a treat!
•Healthy local ingredients – as Frozzys is made in a British dairy which primarily makes yogurts for human consumption it produces and sources the ingredients as locally as possible.
•Long lasting – Frozzys provides a long lasting treat for all dogs!
•Clean – because dogs lick the treat from the pot, it’s a very clean and fragranced treat!
•Suitable for all ages – Frozzys is suitable for all ages and breeds of dog. Puppies from 8 weeks and even our senior citizens can enjoy the great taste of Frozzys!

Frozzys - 4 pack

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