Nandi Premium Tendon Chews Karoo Ostrich - Natural Grain Free Dog Chews

Treat your dog and eliminate bad breath in the process with these slow dried and smoked (with natural hard woods) Nandi Chews Dog Treats – proudly made in sunny South Africa. Nandi is committed to the pursuit of sustainability in everything they do.

Each chew is made with special care to provide your dog with a premium, great tasting, 100% healthy and 100% natural dog treat. They contain no artificial ingredient, no preservatives and were also sustainable soured. So it really is the ultimate chew for the ultimate dog (your dog of course).

  • Suitable for DOGS
  • Great as a FUNCTIONAL TREAT to help eliminate bad breath and improve dental health
  • 100% healthy and 100% natural
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Made from a single ingredient, sustainably sourced and free range meat
  • 100g bag

Why is the Ostrich so special?
The Ostrich’s native environment is the semi-desert of South Africa’s Karoo. We only source from local farms that raise free-range Ostrich without the use of hormones or growth stimulants, where these giant birds can eat a natural diet of grass, succulents, berries, seeds, and insects. This results in a protein that is lean, low in fat and cholesterol, and high in calcium, protein and iron. All of this goodness goes into every Nandi Karoo Ostrich treat.

Ingredients: Ostrich Tendons  
Crude Protein Min % 82.9
Crude Fat Min % 1.1
Moisture Max % 1.7
Crude Fibre Max% 9.9
Caloric Content Kcal/kg 5010

Feeding Instructions
Not for human consumption. Nandi pet treats are a healthy snack or reward, bot a comlete and balanced meal. Supervise while feeding. Always have a bowl of fresh water available. 

Nandi Premium Tendon Chews Karoo Ostrich




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